The Best Team Builder I’ve Ever Seen

So the best team builder I have ever seen is bittersweet because I wasn’t a part of it in any way. I  found out about recently when a colleague of mine posted it into our Slack channel.  I have posted the video of their awesome project below…but first I need to give a lead in…

The creative folks at Figma hold a maker fair twice a year where everyone on staff gets the chance to work on any Figma-related project they want. First off, that’s awesome.  Creative flexibility is a HUGE motivator for recruiting top talent. It even inspired me to look at their career page to see if they had any openings for remote team building musicians. Unfortunately, they did not. But I digress…

Figma’s most recent maker fair produced a 20-minute musical that was created remotely and under the constraints of Quarantine. They call it, “Figma in Quarantine: the Musical.” But I call it…”The Best Team Builder I’ve ever seen!”

I would say I’m jealous but I’m too excited for the team that created it.

Why is Figma in Quarantine: the Musical so awesome? Well, even though I’m super excited about the artistic, organizational, and collaborative skills needed to pull this off, what I’m most excited about is the connections that it had to have formed amongst the team. There is no doubt in my mind that this project built a stronger and more cohesive team than before.

You can tell by watching it how much fun it was to make. It is so enjoyable to watch. It’s clever, funny, relevant, and does all the things you would want out of a team builder. It builds connections through collaboration, encourages innovation, and hones collaboration as a skillset. Most importantly, the team created their own joy. I mean, the closing number “Fig Family” literally made me teary-eyed thinking about how good this was for them as they danced and sang together -choreographically synched and in harmony even!

Regardless of the quality of music and talent, this kind of connection is an absolute team-building goal. You want a team that is willing to try something new together and support each other towards a vision that isn’t always clear. You want your workplace to be a place that inspires joy in your workers. You want that inspirational magic.

I have no doubt that a team that can create something this fun is indeed absolute magic.  They will look back on this in years to come and forever be connected through their creation. The company that leaves room for this kind of work has really harnessed the power of the remote team. Awesome job, Figma.

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