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Remote Team Building vs Virtual Happy Hour

I get it. You’re looking for a remote team builder that is easy, accessible and cost effective. But building a highly talented remote team should focus more on the unique abilities of your team instead of the ability to “Bring Your Own Beer.” So let’s consider the following questions before you hit that invite button…

Does everyone on your remote team drink?

I have met many talented professionals who do not drink at work as a rule. Sure, you can bring any drink you want, but the ideal remote team building activity brings a team together. If someone on your remote team doesn’t drink than this is an easy way to make someone feel isolated. Does drinking help everyone let loose? Absolutely, but sometimes it’s the social filters we hold on to that keep our team productive and professional.

Does virtual happy hour reflect your remote team’s values?

Unless you work for a distillery, I imagine drinking was nowhere on a list of your company values. In fact, you recruited a remote team that would reflect your company’s highest values. So your remote team building activity should build on those. Remote teams, like any team, get a sense of pride from working together, problem solving and creating something new. Give them something to brag about.

Does your remote team really want to wear silly hats?

This is possibly a resounding, “Yes! Corporate team building always requires silly hats!” That’s because some teams are absolutely “all in” when it comes to costumes and themes. That is awesome. But I’m going to guess there is a large contingency of talented professionals who do not want to dress up to a theme for a virtual happy hour. They are motivated to perform and connect for the talents they bring to the team. Not for their ability to embarrass themselves in front of their colleagues.

So…no happy hour for remote team building then?

I’m not one for absolutes. I think there are plenty of ways to get together and enjoy each other’s company and many of them can involve drinks – (like a wine and canvas party) But if drinking is the focus, then your team building activity falls short of actual team building and you may want to take stock to see if you are measuring up to your team building goals. You can also sign up for my email list below for tips on how to build your remote team through music and art.

If you have made it this far and still have your heart set on virtual happy hour for remote team building then I implore you to at least try some of my virtual team building icebreakers that can still get your creative juices flowing before “last call.”

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