In the Remote Classroom

Sameer School Visit

Sharing a laugh with elementary students with collaborator and conductor, Sameer Patel

Sing Your Story in the Virtual Classroom brings collaborative songwriting games to your students in a fun confidence building experience while teaching basic musical elements and summarizing abstract concepts into simple to understand lyrical statements. In just one 45-50 minute songwriting workshop I can add to your existing curriculum, provide a creative break for students, or start you on the process of producing a musical fundraiser for your scholastic program. It’s not only fun but it builds a great sense of team and community while instilling confidence.

I would love to hear your ideas! Send me an email at

How much will it cost our school?

Most sessions can be arranged $150 USD per group of 10 learners and can be arranged through your preferred video conferencing tool.

No school will be turned away for lack of funds. 

I have performed as a teaching artist designing educational programming and hosting children’s concerts for thousands of students throughout the United States. For more info about my educational programming visit

Below are some “Acoustic Sketches” of song ideas I have had the pleasure of creating with students and young audiences who have shaped the creative process by choosing the harmony, rhythm, lyrical content and more.


Writing a song with  2nd graders about Ms. Frizzle’s Arctic Adventure from the book, The Magic School Bus

Here’s a snippet from an improvised classroom song that stemmed from the students’ conversation about music with Associate Conductor of the San Diego, Symphony, Sameer Patel.

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